Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Ah well,you knew this was coming.After Afghanistan,someplace lively was bound to come and what better place than Paris;well maybe vegas;but anyway.........Well I can't take credit for this picture.
Its by John Kernick(National Geographic).This place has everything a man of artistic inclination could wish for.

Paris has an amazing culture and even great food (smack).
I can't even think of sleeping in that city(no pun intended),I mean there is so much to see and it is such an expensive city so one can't lounge indefinitely, crying hoarse about the degree of affection you have for the city.

Well you might wonder why this piece of write up has been titled "THINKER".Well the sculpture in the picture is The Thinker.It is an amazing sculpture by the world famous Auguste Rodin.

Back to Paris--so its a great city and all blah blah blah.But what is its speciality.
Well its all about Fashion,muah!

Well this article is dedicated to all those who wanna make it big in Paris.till then Bonjour

The Afghan Chronicles(contd.)

Afghanistan has surely come a long since the regime of the infamous Taliban has come to an end.

I actually kinda like it now,atleast you can now have Afghani chai without looking over your shoulder like an elusive M16 agent.Anyway the change is evident.Terrorist schools have closed down or it seems so.Anyway Kabul is looking nice,its gonna go a long way(atleast in Afghanistan) but maybe all this may change when US troops move out.

Going to Kabul and not trying Afghani lamb is like going to a Italian restaurant and not having Pizza.So back to food,in Afghanistan food is neither too spicy nor too mild.It lies somewhere between Indian and Persian food.But be warned my fellow gourmets always dine and wine at a good restaurant.

People in Kabul are extremely wary of each other.The keyword being:nonchalance

Further stories about the land of Pathans may continue according to my mood.........Paamaha dekha(see you soon)

The Afghan Chronicles