Monday, December 22, 2008


I know i don't say it,
but i hope that you know
that if i could ever love
then you are the one

Words fail me
when i look in those deep eyes
my mask slips
and i stand bare

You have changed me
you have set me free
I was wrong
in hiding myself
forgetting that;
true beauty lies in the free butterfly
while all this time
i lay as a cocoon

Now the time has come
when love shall set me free
when the breeze shall blow again
when birds shall chirp again

And I owe it all to you


Mirror,Mirror on the wall
Who is this,the most similar of all
She knows me well
She knows it all

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is this,who knows it all?

I haven't met her once
Nor heard her voice
But someting tells me
I too know her all.

She is same as me
thats the real reason of my glee
She seems nice
would'nt care less even if she had a vice

Oh mirror mirror on the wall
This seems like happiness
even if a bit small.
Oh mirror mirror on the wall
don't play with me
Just tell me all