Friday, January 1, 2010

An Answer

'Why don't you talk to me properly?'

'I am talking to you properly ,i am courteous,i am polite ,i am ..'

'Shut up.I am not talking about social mannerisms.Things have changed and you know it.Did i say something wrong?Cmon tell me.'

'Oh there is nothing of such sort.'

'Fine i too won't talk to you.'


*Moments pass*

'Doesn't it have any affect on you?'


'I did not want to be blunt or rude.We have been friends for a long time but i am sorry but i cannot continue talking to you anymore.I gave you hints but you ignored them.Its over.I am sorry.'


'If you haven't understood by now,i won't ever be able to explain it you.But always know,i have known pain,tasted defeat but being with you is a trauma,a finality that i cannot explain.You are so precious to me that i cannot bear to even look at you or hear your voice,because every time i do that i see my life as a failure.Understand and forgive me.'

'You always spoke in riddles but if it makes you happy then i won't see you again.'



To give away oneself to another is the most sacred and vulnerable deed.To be thwarted then,is the most painful.The two most powerful emotions known to man are-love and hatred.When both fail to reassure,a new emotion takes over to compensate for loss of pride and mental anguish:indifference.Indifference is chiefly the only thing that will help you sail over rough waters.

Let the world burn to ashes and i won't bat an eyelid.