Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ad augusta per angusta

When i sit alone for hours in the darkness of my room i am numbed with joy.It is bliss beyond measure.

Delusion coupled with procrastination.

The irrevocable paradox of my existence.Happiness is remarkably chameleon like,swift to change its colors like passions in the abyss of the self.The mind is a cocoon where i concoct my streams of reality.I am mad by society's measure.Its exhilarating.Peaks of ecstatic joy are often coupled with sadistic morbidity.Its is the ultimate hallucinogen.It is the ultimate high.

The world or atleast a small part of it should be scared.Scared of the fact that if i come to power i will flow with the flow.Flow of spiritual depravity.Seems funny to use the world spiritual.Opiate of the masses anyone?

I am complex.I am proud.I am the man who breathes many lifetimes in one life.I get high with my thoughts.They are scary.Plunging deep in the oasis of redemption is all i seek but i need to cross the deserts of my sins first.

I can win wars of cataclysmic proportions with my indifference.Mix that with devious eloquence and you have arbitrariness of human existence.Power works both ways.It takes you to the cliffs of numbing pride but in the claustrophobic premise of life.You live and die everyday.Kings and lepers,my friends,kings and lepers.

I d rather destroy myself than let anyone else crown me king.I am a puppet but every now and then,i pull the strings back.Moral relativism is the next best thing to pragmatism.The final question is:Will you be remembered by posterity or are you another life sucking organism who is the product of minutes of urgent copulation?

Think about it.

'I' is a just a piece of eclecticism.

Ours is not to choose.