Friday, February 13, 2009

The Soul Health

The pain of loss is unbearable.When i was young,i used to curse the gods and tempt fate.I used to mock the absurdity of the universe.Now the joke is on me.Each day is search for identity,purpose and redemption.What will it take for the gods to forgive my sins.With fate against me,i feel this pressure build up in me.Nothing seems right,nothing seems good.Happiness is all but gone.Every moment seems like eternity.This is destroying me from within,my body,my soul and my mind.I fall from a cliff each day and with blood in my mouth,i can't take solace about it being a dream.

I clearly did not intend this to happen.No matter how hard you strive,no matter what you do,you shall lose if the gods don't intend to smile upon you.Where did i go wrong in life?Am i never to witness the jubilation associated with success?My fall in life is purely an aftermath of my own indifference towards work.The fault lies entirely within me.I am the one to blame.Hence,I must suffer.I do,though,hope that I learn something from these years of pain and sorrow.I hope I shall rise like the proverbial phoenix.

I,on the bright side,haven't lost hope.I still have my flame up and burning.The winds of fate couldn't extinguish it(no provocation intended).The fact of the matter is that i still long for the blue sky,for those glorious lost days,of happiness,of joy,of innocent laughs,for those days when i was me.As long as i shall dream,as long as i shall desire,there will be a day when i shall achieve.

My victory will not be marked by fireworks or great hooplas of joy but rather by the purity of my soul.The day i shall smile from within will be the day when my happiness shall truly begin.