Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scholars' Altar

I am a research scholar now; your idiosyncrasies
Craving my universe of thoughts; ebbing away
Reality and its sensory distractions: yours truly
Is a crazed lover, espoused to you mere being.
I am tempted to oust romantic inklings from
Our cerebral, oft-clumsy rendezvous; but what
Shall be the state of your flowing femininity then?
I confess that you are not the only subject of my
Prying heart; for love exists only to satiate art,
Perhaps only to inspire and inflict painful rouses of
Affection and tenderness; seemingly curious in the
Beginning. Other forms have come and gone; and
Perhaps newer shall arrive; but none shall rival
The passages of our history, cocooned in silver
Yarns of memory. I must finish my thesis through
Our entangled arms; love's gaunt victorious after all.