Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Who Doesn't Fall

Love is a fantasy of illusions
broken hearts and enveloping confusions
of loneliness that stems from desire
and stupid Cupid's childish mire.

Its charms are befuddling
grasping while cuddling
It will make life worthwhile
and make you truly smile.

Your worries will turn to dust
your anguish will now rust
but then it will formally deceive
bridging the chimeric sieves.

Then all will be forever lost
and then you might even remember Faust
overreaching and ambitious he was
and like your happiness,forever cross.

You might sit and weep
lament and truly grieve
but the one lost won't return
for love spares no one.

Love is an intoxication
surrendering the self and devastation
all powerful are its chasms
bliss and orgasmic spasms.

Like a wave of sweet pain
and emotion's torrential rain
sweep you off your feet
until you accept defeat

Let it come upon me
like all conquering Poseidon's sea
and i will show it a self
who won't fall in love
I will show myself.