Thursday, September 17, 2009


Come lets go far and away
or you and i will forever sway.
To this maddening crowd
inherently crass and loud.

Visit a sunny meadow
lost in god's own shadow.
Jump and happily squeal
our souls slowly heal.

Take your hand in mine
as the stars above us shine.
The cool breeze in your hair
as we lie near a rabbit's lair.

Fragrant are the budding flowers
freshly minted from yesterday's showers.
The wind makes a curious noise
edging against your body's slender poise.

The sun's shadow now leaves
with solemn passion my breath heaves.
I look daringly in those gentle eyes
glumly darken the above skies.

I reach for your soft nape
amazed at its angelic shape.
You give me a strange delight
blushing furiously at my sight.

As the night slowly passes
i lay my head in your dark tresses.
Hypnotic and dazed in your charms
bliss,glee and joyful spasms.

Fireflies circle our tangled selves
you whisper an old tale of elves.
I quietly murmur a prayer
for you will always be there to care.

Dawn creeps,the night weeps
water from a brook gently seeps.
Young birds yawn and stretch
nibbling the food their mother's fetch.

Your face is covered with a dazzling light
its a divine and blessed sight.
The gods have finally smiled
and made you mine.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I shall stand by your side
and never let you go.
I made this promise long ago
but now i have to go.

My heartbeats are few
short as the morning dew.
Don't cry over my lonely grave
for it is only your love that i crave.

You are more precious to me
pure,captivating and serene.
Like the love of a sailor for the sea
joy of a gentle lamb in the greens.

I have searched my soul
for lost answers of our past.
To touch you has been my goal
for eternity my love shall last

Left alone in darkness
i often think of death
Of unfulfilled imagination
and life's failing health.

If you could only say yes
and pull me from suicidal abyss.
Call me back,shed a tear
to leave you alone is all i fear.

Now choose me or life
my hand is outstretched.
gently touch my finger
And our love shall always linger.


The sun is dim
and the moon has turned black.
For i loved her
and she didn't love me back.