Saturday, October 16, 2010

Etching Away...

What is Love's Sacrifice but the Broken Heart?
                                                                      Richard Crashaw

To die in a distant land among strange wilderness
Among heartless friends and hollow lovers
And let go of these shallow, timeless breaths
Crumple the last beat that echoes in harsh waters
Incinerate those lifeless limbs
For salvation is the key
To angry bouts of shrieking misery
Hope cannot be restored
In a soul lulled by betrayal and foolishness.

It must give you resting peace and incalculable joy
To see your lover rotting away for eternity
A lover who revered poetry, Genesis and Fall of Troy!
Thy delusional hearts still goes mad, weeps for no end
Refusal in acceptance of your enchanting knavery
But this agony will last not long
For i will etch away the clock of desire
And let nothingness breed in maternal vacuum
Till a strange light illuminates thy being
And immerses it in an eternal shadow.