Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Social awareness

The political system in India is slowly evolving to a vast exodus of bureaucratic power and ministry hounds.The Nehru-Gandhian philosophy has faded away and any speck left is surely gonna be gone by end of this decade.Not that I am spending sleepless nights over this but it is a disturbing piece of news.We talk of emergence of a new nation,of rising economies and (ha ha) of global standards while the majority of India is still lurking in dark shadows.The only bit of india that is actually rising is the intellectual elite--the real driving force behind an emerging nation.True the percentage is a small one and the situation is bleak yet the change is evident,Infrastructure in india is on a high,global brands have entered the indian market and lets not forget that in India,crore is the new lakh.

But sadly what about those states where famine and floods are still at large and farmer suicides are rampant.What is the government doing about that?Are government officials during the time of their induction told that "Make hay while the sun shines"?Guys fill up your tijoris but do spare a thought for the impoverished.The country's economic condition cannot stabilise unless we remove the disparity that is spreading between the classes and the masses.The situation will only worsen if money and power remain in the hands of select few.

The country should remember Gandhi's words-'True India lies in villages".It is essential we follow his principles or else we will be just a shiny metallic but a hollow ball.