Friday, October 30, 2009

All of love's Friends

I saw her once just by chance
and my heart wandered far and away
I offered her my hand and soul
but she mistook me and left me alone
I often say to myself
her lies a girl that suffered a loss
my love and my soul
I shall have someone else
for my heart lies in my hand
but she will shed a tear
when the truth reaches her ear
I say this today aloud
for you misunderstood me
and left me standing at the door
Now i will never have you back
for understanding you truly lack
I am free of love and her friends
but you dear girl,
will someday realise
that you lost love
and all her friends.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

For the one who left

Sullen with rage and god's fallen grace
i walk on a path with time's dead pace
Truth and honor now lay forsaken
with memories of my past brutally taken.

I often glance at the many tombs
of unsung heroes and virgin grooms
emotions out of the ordinary and infants slain
for the coldest blood now runs through my veins.

Reach out to me with the your soft hands
and take me away from this mortal land
where ideas and identities are now dead
with shame,sorrow and lifeless dread.

I now stand forever divided in the realm of chaos
neither can cut a vein nor breathe forever
our conception lies in moments of joy
of history's battles and the fall of Troy.

Death,you surely reek pleasure
in man's wasted and corrupted measure.
Take me with you so i may embrace her
and leave behind shards of my existence forever.

I lament and shriek,shout and scream
for she left me halfway through my dreams
Alchemy and necromancy are my tools
with vengeance and sins i shall rule.

I will wipe out civilizations
and burn the brotherhood of nations
With Nemesis and Mars standing by my side
Overthrow,I shall,god's scared tide.

But injustice is not my way
let you and i work out something today
release my love from hands of death
or let the cosmos face my wrath.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time Gone By

In a land far from our time
i once saw a woman blind
She struggled along a motley path
oblivious to death's dark wrath.

As she walked,she stumbled often
and each time i felt my heart soften
She had bruises,black and blue
in her heart she knew she was true.

Finally death came upon her
and held her tender hand
She smiled and cried
together to an unknown land.

I see her often in my dreams
walking,stumbling on life's path
never breaking down
moving along her own pace
celestial radiance on her wrinkled face.

She taught me something
of hope and happiness
and god's plan in everything
and lost joy of sadness.

Often i turn to her
finding myself in conflict
turning to the one gone by
and over the divided self fly.