Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A is A

I am the abundance of a copper mine
Lost in Peruvian history
I am the Promethean flame
Destined to burn forever
The metal that has refused
To corrode and comply
Refused just not your love
But your very existence
I am the ragged railroad
Unwilling to submit,
To give in or to deny
My right to live
As an equal among men
Of vision and courage.
I am the philosophy
Of brute force
And reason
Coupled by words
Uttered by a father
To his own child
Knowing not
The kneads of future
But believing
With cold searing conviction
Of a lover's desire
For his love
In the ability
To conquer doubt
And gently
Bridge destiny
Without hesitation
Without fear or
Any of its malice.
It is this that
I have sought
With a child's want
Of its mother
And found it
Carefully and beautifully
Preserved within
My own self.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Born Of A Whisper

Convulsions and spasms,
A moment of death
Pain's purest pleasure
The parting of Red Sea
Agonizing breaths
A return to the primal
Of an animal's instinct
With an unknown innocence
To be brutally torn
Reclaimed by a will
Knowing no passions
Purposeful and cold
Molded by points of desire
Joy was never so terrifying.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Among the contradictions that bind your soul,
The moral premises that question your hold
The thoughts that plunge you in deepest oceans
And the dreams that soar above the highest mountains.
I know i stand alone with my gift of existence,
With history's heroes guiding my way
Upon a silken path of sun's taut rays
I know it now as i had i known it before.
I know it now as i had never known before.

The contradictions are forever mine to battle,
And the limitless rewards mine to savor
The cryptic Purpose is mine to decipher
And mine alone to be brutally conquered.
The words of our past are tools to break free
Weapons, if I may, of battles yet to be decreed
Destinies and Equality are superlatives that are fed
And free thyself from such memories that are dead.
I know it now as i had never known before.

The cliffs of Pride and Honor that i choose to stand upon,
Are not yet in vision of the the zenith to be won
The peaks of joy and ecstasy are never bound
In hearts of those where contempt and misery is to be found.
Hollow and infinite needs of purposeless sanctions,
I have erred in days of past where spiritless passions
Found there way inside my raw heart
And shrouded under the cloak of ignorance
I surrendered all my worthy self deference.
I know it now as i had never known before.

Is it a divine epiphany that untangled my soul?,
Or was it willed by a hand that has loosened its hold?
The answers are not worthy of a new life's moment
For the stricken blow that awakened me came late.
But i have fooled and tricked myself in the past
Believing this gratuitous chimeric reality will perhaps last
The trick, if there is one, will not be spared
The word of Nietzsche will successfully ensnare.
And i know it now as i had never known this before.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Etching Away...

What is Love's Sacrifice but the Broken Heart?
                                                                      Richard Crashaw

To die in a distant land among strange wilderness
Among heartless friends and hollow lovers
And let go of these shallow, timeless breaths
Crumple the last beat that echoes in harsh waters
Incinerate those lifeless limbs
For salvation is the key
To angry bouts of shrieking misery
Hope cannot be restored
In a soul lulled by betrayal and foolishness.

It must give you resting peace and incalculable joy
To see your lover rotting away for eternity
A lover who revered poetry, Genesis and Fall of Troy!
Thy delusional hearts still goes mad, weeps for no end
Refusal in acceptance of your enchanting knavery
But this agony will last not long
For i will etch away the clock of desire
And let nothingness breed in maternal vacuum
Till a strange light illuminates thy being
And immerses it in an eternal shadow.