Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I will not go
gentle into the night
I will rage
against the dying light.

I will not be silenced
by distant roars
I will seize and kill
the last of kings.

I will not fade into oblivion
nor forget the horrors of my past
I will rise
before the worst tides.

I will not be caught
in the cycle of life and death
I will grasp
the hand of blue gods.

I will not be tempted
by scents of pleasure
I will take time
to rule you all.

I will not die
nor perish by hand
I will live
like the likes of lions.

A Picture And Few Words

A picture says a thousand words but the one above says a million.I find the question of existence both absurd and fascinating.Why is exactly do we exist?What exactly is one's purpose in life?Our life and existence is a result of our social conditioning.Clearly there are no rules,existence is an illusion that we create to sustain our mental well being.One could argue about God and the great design of the cosmos that we still haven't grasped.Surely we haven't grasped everything but to imagine that man still has not begun his intellectual journey would be unreasonably wrong.As time moves on man creates a bubble of illusion around him.He sees what he wants to see and feels what he wants to feel.Therein lies the ultimate irony of life,man is nothing but an outcome of his own imagination.Time moves on,each second bringing us an inch closer to finality of life.Actions and thoughts have no clear reason,we exist as an aberration,changing with each moment.

For years existence has been debated upon by the wisest of men,each man with his own views,bringing us no closer to the truth that forever eludes us.The purpose of this essay is not to undermine the rigorous efforts of those men long gone but rather to think objectively about the subjectivity of life.Clearly this is a vexing problem which has no clear answers but rather assumptions which paradoxically exist as a mirage in themselves.To talk about existence from an anthropologically neutral point of view would be devastatingly wrong not to mention a violation of the norms which this essay underlays.One must take into account socio-economic conditions before categorizing life in a stereotype.Man is an animal and it is not by virtue that we survive but rather by desires.Each moment is an outcome of an incoherent amalgam of desires and survival.We exist not by reason or choice.We simply exist

Friday, July 24, 2009

Elixir Of Life

Dusk gives way to dawn
smiling across the distant skies
I yearn for her touch
lost in a haze of melancholy.

She gives me hope
she gives me love
I bow before her
revelling in her beauty.

The sands of time
nip at my heels
My austerity is distant
my soul decadent.

Thy existence is innocuous
in essence divided
I seek the realm
of reason lost.

We are now fused
mind,body and soul
For each drop carries
life and death.

My heart now bleeds
each impulse a breath
of torrid dreams
and latent fantasies.

Cauldron of chaos
emerges before thee
Each nova emergent
of the last of furies.

She now is free
of fear forever
I lay her to rest
my head on her breast.

I cry silently for her loss
my diadem of passion scattered
She was my elixir of life
in ruins now i lay.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Awed Divinity

As i look upon her
i am caught in a reverie
of unspoken beauty
cocooned in virgin nature.

I stand awed by
the absurdity of my life
in the magnanimity of her existence.

She exudes an aura
hailing gods to shame
reverence lies in her touch
purity in her soul.

I exist as a grain
of emptiness before her
wallowing in pity
of my flawed self.

Her body is my temple
her mind;my study
she is not mortal
for heavens beckon her.

She is all vanity
unfulfilled glory
her treachery treacherous
conjoined with cosmos.

God lies within her
heart pumping couplets
of sacred turbulence
gerontic of creation.

She exists as an anomaly
of divine perfection
ambrosia stimulating
her veinous web.

I am now lost
within her vortex
for it is fated
that i be liberated.

The Grain Of Thought

Unsuspecting lies the own self
quaintly personified in itself
euphoric in its true being
beckoning the illusions of mind.

Thoughts converge mightily
fusing into existence
bringing with them
a vacuum of disorder

The soul is manifested
swirling in the realm of flesh
elusive grains of a dark deed
impotent against the inner gods

Hope and fate
walk hand in hand
to rewrite what has been written
and to seek the lost cause

Chaos seems on the horizon
its dark wings
eclipsing the blinding future
shattering all myths of truth