Thursday, July 23, 2009

Awed Divinity

As i look upon her
i am caught in a reverie
of unspoken beauty
cocooned in virgin nature.

I stand awed by
the absurdity of my life
in the magnanimity of her existence.

She exudes an aura
hailing gods to shame
reverence lies in her touch
purity in her soul.

I exist as a grain
of emptiness before her
wallowing in pity
of my flawed self.

Her body is my temple
her mind;my study
she is not mortal
for heavens beckon her.

She is all vanity
unfulfilled glory
her treachery treacherous
conjoined with cosmos.

God lies within her
heart pumping couplets
of sacred turbulence
gerontic of creation.

She exists as an anomaly
of divine perfection
ambrosia stimulating
her veinous web.

I am now lost
within her vortex
for it is fated
that i be liberated.

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