Friday, July 24, 2009

Elixir Of Life

Dusk gives way to dawn
smiling across the distant skies
I yearn for her touch
lost in a haze of melancholy.

She gives me hope
she gives me love
I bow before her
revelling in her beauty.

The sands of time
nip at my heels
My austerity is distant
my soul decadent.

Thy existence is innocuous
in essence divided
I seek the realm
of reason lost.

We are now fused
mind,body and soul
For each drop carries
life and death.

My heart now bleeds
each impulse a breath
of torrid dreams
and latent fantasies.

Cauldron of chaos
emerges before thee
Each nova emergent
of the last of furies.

She now is free
of fear forever
I lay her to rest
my head on her breast.

I cry silently for her loss
my diadem of passion scattered
She was my elixir of life
in ruins now i lay.

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