Friday, September 11, 2009


I shall stand by your side
and never let you go.
I made this promise long ago
but now i have to go.

My heartbeats are few
short as the morning dew.
Don't cry over my lonely grave
for it is only your love that i crave.

You are more precious to me
pure,captivating and serene.
Like the love of a sailor for the sea
joy of a gentle lamb in the greens.

I have searched my soul
for lost answers of our past.
To touch you has been my goal
for eternity my love shall last

Left alone in darkness
i often think of death
Of unfulfilled imagination
and life's failing health.

If you could only say yes
and pull me from suicidal abyss.
Call me back,shed a tear
to leave you alone is all i fear.

Now choose me or life
my hand is outstretched.
gently touch my finger
And our love shall always linger.


The sun is dim
and the moon has turned black.
For i loved her
and she didn't love me back.