Thursday, January 15, 2009

The politics of Hamas

Israel is a tiny country surrounded on all sides by countries filled with people who hate them. I may be 1 off, but I think it's 56 Muslim countries and one Jewish country in the Middle East and Israel is being called the racist one because they won't let Palestinians flood into their country in greater numbers than their own, which would eventually displace them. And it is their own country, not just some 'occupation' and anyone who says it isn't is racist. It is populated by Jews cast out of all the Middle Eastern countries who faced genocide there. These countries, many of them filthy rich, fund Hezbollah and Hamas to eradicate the Jews in Israel like you would vermin. To combat all the weaponry and money funneled into their enemies hands, the US funnels money and weaponry into Israel. That's what I call a fair fight. Also, Israeli Intelligence is the best in the world for movements in terrorist organisations, i.e. the WESTERN WORLD NEEDS THEM, which means YOU NEED THEM in your comfy little world of judgment.

High Palestinian death toll helps Hamas, which is why they put the Palestinian people in the line of fire using them as human shields. What is very common is to confuse Hamas, whose base is in Syria and funding is from Iran, mostly, with Palestinian civilians. Hamas doesn't give a rat's behind about the Palestinian people. They seek to control and use them for the proximity of their country to their foe, Israel. And they're really good at it, because they've got all of you against Israel saying things like 'Hitler was right' (Amjad Shahani). Here are some examples of how they do it:
Hamas cuts off electricity and blames Israel saying they've run out of fuel when they have a month's supply
Hamas places Palestinians on top of munitions and blames Israel when they get blown up.
Hamas steals food, fuel & medical supplies and blames Israel and its 'blockade'.
Hamas binds members of Abbas's Fatah party and throws them off tall buildings for their defiance and willingness to recognize Israel's right to exist.
Hamas tells the Palestinian civilians, to whom all information they control, that the rockets they send into Israel are just 'fireworks'.
I can forgive the Palestinian civilians for not getting the true picture and making subsequent unfair judgment of Israel. All of you condemning Israel, on the other hand, have as much information to hand as you wish, and have no such excuse.

Israel left Gaza in 2005 and left in tact infrastructure, such as working farms, buildings and greenhouses, ready to employ Palestinians and enjoy statehood. Hamas destroyed it all and dug tunnels. They could have become part of the political process but wouldn't recognize Israel's right to exist and have routinely sent thousands of rockets into Israel since 2005. During the cease-fire, they took this opportunity to dig tunnels through which they could smuggle arms and terrorists. Why didn't they spend money on building hospitals and shelters for the Palestinian people they say they care so much about? Because then there'd be no dead bodies to exploit.

Hamas is a terrorist organization which uses schools and other seemingly stable and innocuous organizations as fronts to give them legitimacy to the outside world who knows no better. Most Palestinians know they are being used but can do nothing about it and if they do they face bloody reprisal from Hamas. Calls reporting the U.N. school as a launching point came from within Gaza from people who remained anonymous to avoid such reprisals.

It's horrible, yes. Everyone who instantly piles all the blame on Israel do not corner the market on compassion. Israel has learned the hard way that cease-fires allow Hamas to go underground. They have been dropping papers all over Gaza stating that they are going after Hamas and asking the Palestinians to evacuate their neighborhoods. Do not forget how this started: During the cease-fire, Hamas attempted a raid such as the one they perpetrated in 2006 which took Israeli soldiers hostage, one of which they still hold - Gilad Shalit. Israel prevented it and Hamas took this as their cue to re-start their rocket attacks on civilians.

So many have pointed out that so many Palestinian civilians have died, but so few Israeli civilians have died. This is because the Israeli government spends money on shelters and training for neighborhoods to prevent deaths. And they're very good at it. Practice makes perfect. All Israelis have to be in the Army regardless of class or gender. No such shelters and training exist in Gaza; why build them when all the dead bodies, exploited properly, get all of you on Hamas's side? Hamas is smart and you're falling for it - hook, line and sinker.