Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bloody Hell

Pain,anguish and fury
Three words that define the existential man
That define loss and pain
Hollowness and Asymmetry.

When you are on the edge
When you turn to rocknroll to soothe you
When you have your first snort
When you have your first shot
When you fall into the abyss called love.

I know this feeling
I know it bloody well
Like being euphoric and numb at same time
Like being shot at the moment of realization.

It all bloody adds up doesn't it
U bloody wish
Fate it seems has a sense of ironic humor
And you bloody pay for it.

You think you have it all
and wham life hits you
Bloody clean shot
I pity you all.

The jokes on you
God's unwanted children,eh
Young and hopeless
Bloody jokes on you.

Run wherever you bloody want
life will get you
sooner or bloody later.