Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The battle cry is out
my war has begun
my blood is not on fire
as i hoped it would be
rather indifference has taken over

They say it is going to be alright
what do they know
what do they care
I know i am not coming back

Now it is dark
soon it will be day
as my breath ends
what are the last words that i should say?

Now that i am gone
peace is back
the land seems quiet
ha,my death was in vain
but let that be the end of it

Monday, December 29, 2008


The wound lies deep
in the very heart of my soul
I never want it healed
its pain makes me strong

Hell is on my side
I am the devil

When my time comes
the sky shall turn red
black rivers shall flow
man would hunt man

I shall reign in this chaos
The Prince of Darkness
would bow before me
and all that is pure shall forever end thee.

They said my name would be remembered for years to come
They said i was destined for greatness
but the dark side was too tempting

It came like a wave of sweet pain
like i was back in a womb again
i lost my god that day

But no frown ceased on my brow
i felt exulted
i was free
i was nature's own animal

But all that is now past
I am now at the edge
the drop seems endless
like the demons within me

I shall not beg for mercy
for my blood is not on my side
i never meant all this to happen
but it happened nevertheless

Now my time has come
the story ends now
my last breath beckons
but like a phoenix
I shall rise again.

Spark of Death

Chaos is within me
I know that now
But is it too late
for the river to flow again

I see the world through troubled eyes
With grief and pain
Startling images of death
Now are within me

I am coming for blood
No code of conduct
No laws to bind me

I have embraced the other side

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Great ambition and conquest without contribution is without significance. What will my contribution be? How will history remember me?Or will it ever remember me?I am haunted by these questions,each night is a blur of dark visions,of dark musings,ha.I could do more then that.Each time i reach a place,i find footsteps already there.My loss is in my heart,in the dark blanket of my soul.I desire all that exists,all that is pure and for mine to taking.All these words i don't just say,i need them all,i need to win and i will self destruct if i don't.I am a bottle bubbling with narcissism,my doom shall overtake my glory.

I walk alone
they say with a swagger

I hunt alone
they say i am an animal

I stand divided
my heart coiled

Monday, December 22, 2008


I know i don't say it,
but i hope that you know
that if i could ever love
then you are the one

Words fail me
when i look in those deep eyes
my mask slips
and i stand bare

You have changed me
you have set me free
I was wrong
in hiding myself
forgetting that;
true beauty lies in the free butterfly
while all this time
i lay as a cocoon

Now the time has come
when love shall set me free
when the breeze shall blow again
when birds shall chirp again

And I owe it all to you


Mirror,Mirror on the wall
Who is this,the most similar of all
She knows me well
She knows it all

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is this,who knows it all?

I haven't met her once
Nor heard her voice
But someting tells me
I too know her all.

She is same as me
thats the real reason of my glee
She seems nice
would'nt care less even if she had a vice

Oh mirror mirror on the wall
This seems like happiness
even if a bit small.
Oh mirror mirror on the wall
don't play with me
Just tell me all

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Final walk

The flame was lit
the word had spread
my cuffs were blue,my wrists were red
my crime was none i could remember

i smiled at my men
they let out a howl
i smiled with a twinkle
and darkness eloped me

the crowds fell silent
for i had broken the glass
shards had flown
and blood had flown

Judas had been quick
escaped without my blood
i had lost my body
but the curse was lifted

i now walk to death
hand in hand with my glory
i shall lose the last of my breath
but a thousand more shall finally breath