Monday, February 23, 2009


The thing with time is
it flies like a wounded bird
Haltingly at moments of pain
swiftly at moments of joy.

I know not what time has in store for me
what is good and what is bad
The sun sets on the horizon
and night flies by.

The test of time
is a harsh one.
The mightiest have fallen
the boldest have fled

If you take my word
even gods have feared its wrath
And man is all but dust.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bloody Hell

Pain,anguish and fury
Three words that define the existential man
That define loss and pain
Hollowness and Asymmetry.

When you are on the edge
When you turn to rocknroll to soothe you
When you have your first snort
When you have your first shot
When you fall into the abyss called love.

I know this feeling
I know it bloody well
Like being euphoric and numb at same time
Like being shot at the moment of realization.

It all bloody adds up doesn't it
U bloody wish
Fate it seems has a sense of ironic humor
And you bloody pay for it.

You think you have it all
and wham life hits you
Bloody clean shot
I pity you all.

The jokes on you
God's unwanted children,eh
Young and hopeless
Bloody jokes on you.

Run wherever you bloody want
life will get you
sooner or bloody later.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


She burns like cinder on a cold night
each day fueled with hate.
Since the day her mother was divided
she is paying the price.

She is on fire
she stands divided.
Some burn her in the name of god
some in the name of land.

Each day brings grief
each moment pain.
Troy burnt in a day
she forever burns.

Her tears are silent
her heroes dead.
People killing
people dying.

She was once beautiful
that was her curse
Her face launched a thousand nations
the war goes on.

She shall rise once more
in all her glory.
Like a phoenix
she shall heal it all.

I will avenge her,
i will bring her back.
She has been a whore too long
but her kingdom awaits her.

With flawless beauty
and a child's innocence
She shall return
and paradise will be regained.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bliss A tribute to Donne

The sun rays fall on her naked body
her sweat glistening like pearls.
I crawl up beside her
my lips upon her.

She gives a soft shudder
as i reach for her.
Her lashes are drawn
her gaze coy.

I look in her eyes
and see innocent love.
As we embrace
her fears are gone.

The grass feels soft
nature is with us.
I plant another kiss
upon her lips.

She is now bold
her pace increases.
I am at her mercy
a cold sweat upon me.

She is young and pure
like fallen snow.
Yet she knows the game
a twinkle in those fiery eyes.

Now as dusk settles
and our bones ache.
I stand and take her hand
to walk away from the forbidden land.

God is in her beauty
God in her touch.
I see a passing dove
as a symbol of my true love.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Don't cry on my shoulder
I will not wipe your tears.
Your tenderness will not melt me
I will not break.

I won't hold your hand and walk with you
I won't cherish any dreams
For me your existence is a void
Yours charms won't work
I see through you.

The rain won't make any difference
nor shall spring.
I know not how to love
an emptiness fills me up.
The planets play havoc.

Don't wait for me
I shall never return
once gone
forever gone

Our worlds are different
I dwell in darkness
you in light.

I am not what i seem
far from truth
I spin a web of deceit all around
Hell is my heaven

Darkness forever envelops me
rendering me impotent
I have no feeling
a dark numbness is upon me

My words are lies
my actions sins
I know i am wrong
but there is no way back.

You believe I'll change
how wrong are you
I am not loyal to my blood
yet you trust.

Leave me alone
for i am a disease
i feed on happiness
grief is my domain.

I see the world
as dark as night
the chaos lies within me
so does the cure.

I am a fallen angel
evil dwells within me
No good can come from me
No happiness ever.

My words are my crime
I talk in puzzles
i am god's mistake
I am the devil's pride.


I know not how to live
without thoughts in my mind.
I see everything in a different light
each moment a puzzle.
I have been told not to think too much
but therein lies my existence.

My desires are few
yet far away in some distant land
my thoughts lie.
I search for the truth
my hand stretched out
my eyes searching.

I do not know the end
I know not the beginning.
life is puzzling.
but with my end near
i shall sleep with peace

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Me-A verse

I prefer to live by the philosophy
To view the world with open eyes and an open mind
To think and speak and act as if I’m free
Little else can mean a thing
I'm the only one of me

Sunday, February 15, 2009


The question of existence is haunting to the human mind.It borders on self reflection and contemplation of the inner soul.They say that the yogis of ancient India could spend hours on the question of self realization.I envy there life and i envy the knowledge they possess.I am no extraordinary human being,i am just an ordinary human being searching for answers that will help me define the purpose of my existence.Inner realization of truth is the ultimate victory of mind over body,of the soul over the self.

To finds one's purpose in life is very important.I dread the moment when death takes me and i would have lived a life without purpose.To live is not merely to breathe,it is to take in every moment of your existence as a blessing,as god's will for you to do something.Each man is different yet absurdly same when it comes to the question of identity.Does the man next to me not feel pain,sorrow,grief,guilt,desire and happiness?What really separates us are the deeds we do in life,the actions we perform and the emotions we betray.

I talk now of redemption,of glory and of my tryst with destiny.It is true that we reap what we sow,we get what we do and what goes around comes around.No one is questioning the existence of karma.But it is equally true that sometimes the hardships in life tend to grow stronger and one finally begins to wonder about the purpose of life.Marx was right when he said that religion was the opium of the masses.I fall,therefore,I pray.The fallen and the weak take solace in religion,in philosophy,when life's struggles become overbearing.The weak wallow in a pool of self pity,cursing their very existence and questioning god about the miseries of their lives.

The great men who lived,the ones we remember and also the ones we don't,are truly god's children.I talk about the great poets who left verses of life behind,of writers who are now immortal because of their words of wisdom,of fallen soldiers who were lions and of countless other men and women who spent their lives trying to leave the world a better place,to leave it better than they had inherited.They were lions in this world of gloom and despair,holding their own in an eclipse of darkness,inherently confident of the glorious future ahead.To remember them would be an insult to their memory,for they were men of action.To truly cherish their memory,it is imperative that we go ahead in life,to rid society of evils and to to truly end what they had begun.
That is my purpose.

*The future is so bright that it is blinding my eyes*

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Past Chronicles

I long for the lost summer
golden rays upon my porch

I long for the lost blue sky
whose beauty charmed my mind

I long for the lost lush green grass
whose touch made my feet tingle

I long for the lost laughter of my family
whose joy made me weep

I long for the lost charm of the evenings gone by
when curious winds used to make me smile

I long for lost goodness in my heart
which showed through my sparkling eyes

I long for the lost touch of my grandfather
whose wisdom made me wise

I long for the lost love for the world
in whose future i used to trust

I long for the lost dreams
in the lap of those i used to sleep

I long for the lost friends
whose names are etched upon my heart

I long for the lost days
when beauty existed everywhere

I long for the lost joy
of seeing a rabbit blush

I long for the lost habits
gone without a trace

I long for the lost long walks
where ideas were born

I long for the past
as i long for the future

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Soul Health

The pain of loss is unbearable.When i was young,i used to curse the gods and tempt fate.I used to mock the absurdity of the universe.Now the joke is on me.Each day is search for identity,purpose and redemption.What will it take for the gods to forgive my sins.With fate against me,i feel this pressure build up in me.Nothing seems right,nothing seems good.Happiness is all but gone.Every moment seems like eternity.This is destroying me from within,my body,my soul and my mind.I fall from a cliff each day and with blood in my mouth,i can't take solace about it being a dream.

I clearly did not intend this to happen.No matter how hard you strive,no matter what you do,you shall lose if the gods don't intend to smile upon you.Where did i go wrong in life?Am i never to witness the jubilation associated with success?My fall in life is purely an aftermath of my own indifference towards work.The fault lies entirely within me.I am the one to blame.Hence,I must suffer.I do,though,hope that I learn something from these years of pain and sorrow.I hope I shall rise like the proverbial phoenix.

I,on the bright side,haven't lost hope.I still have my flame up and burning.The winds of fate couldn't extinguish it(no provocation intended).The fact of the matter is that i still long for the blue sky,for those glorious lost days,of happiness,of joy,of innocent laughs,for those days when i was me.As long as i shall dream,as long as i shall desire,there will be a day when i shall achieve.

My victory will not be marked by fireworks or great hooplas of joy but rather by the purity of my soul.The day i shall smile from within will be the day when my happiness shall truly begin.