Saturday, November 21, 2009


Walk with me on a leaden night
of dewy stars and moonlit delight
move those parched lips
once sealed with a kiss
when roses seemed roses
and the skies were blue
surely then my love seemed true.

Walk with me and hold my hand
your bosom was my holy land
when i lied whilst you smiled
kittens from your closet mewed
while i made frantic love to you.
in your tears i seldom found solace
secretly scorning your virtuous pace.

Walk with me on an unknown path
through life's mists and fogs
remember and forget our past
for our fateless journey couldn't last
i am indebted to the eldoradian moment
when your voice had a mythical formant
life played with us two a joke
swirling of our emotions like yolk.

Walk with me on a day of possibilities
the moments which define our sensibilities
let me finally reach out to you
knowing me,maybe its not true
don't embrace me from within
don't trust my words yet
the creator has lost the divine bet.

Walk with me to an edge of a cliff
smile gaily for together we have
given life's chariot a slip
the gods scream in anguish
and fate slits its wrists
for we were thinkers but were misfits.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Strings of Chaos

The mind is restless,O Krishna
it dwindles each moment
whilst enveloping me in an illusion
of beckoning glories and riches.
I, in moments of luminosity
see and judge its true self
often forgetting its inference
of deceit and self preservation
Oh the lies it feeds me!!!
Abstractions and confusions
deductions and my delusions
To gaze within truly
brings out grief unsaid
and tragic wonder sweeps me
away from the self
Cries of loss are
now inevitable for
the enemy lies within me
Can one truly believe
the waves of thought
that pass within
body,mind and soul?
I long for the truth
yet petrified at the
loss of innocence
The question that deludes
is the one with which
life will truly conclude.
Questioning makes the self
more restless for then
the burden seems impossible
too much effort and no relief
Will such loss ever come
again at an hour of death?
Will the lost knowledge
ever return to its true master?
I ask you bluntly now
why bring upon thyself
such myriad of contradictions?
Is the center of life worth
the death that comes in moments?
I know nothing of you
nor of myself
You are a craftsman of chaos
and i am your plaything
Give me a moment of
willful realization and
with the beats of my heart
i shall conquer the unknown
The mind is restless,O Krishna......

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Quietly it lives within me
the secret of my child
unborn and residual
growing with each heartbeat
despair and lament
personified in existence

Its birth was fusion of
lost love and tainted blood
fallen men and exalted gods
dark deeds and mystic rites
curses and blessings alike.

Now its kicks my belly
while i scream in agony
of joyful pains lost in
sunshine's dark rain.

Lust in its soul ingrained
the falcon is hunted
and the gods now weep
over the coitus of loss.

As i feel death brewing
inside my womb of despair
i feel a furious blush
creep up my thigh
tingling and twitching
like a virgin's water breaking.

Dare i call it a child
and risk the loss of
hovering spirits divine?
hoping it sacrifices
my soul at the alter of lust.

Birth shall not matter
for it is now fused
within thy veins
longing and eternal pains

We are now one
trapping and deceiving
the world at large
moments strewn in chaos
from Persia to Laos.

Death might be the key
and i will never be free
as long as i breathe
i promise i will be a mystery.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Who Doesn't Fall

Love is a fantasy of illusions
broken hearts and enveloping confusions
of loneliness that stems from desire
and stupid Cupid's childish mire.

Its charms are befuddling
grasping while cuddling
It will make life worthwhile
and make you truly smile.

Your worries will turn to dust
your anguish will now rust
but then it will formally deceive
bridging the chimeric sieves.

Then all will be forever lost
and then you might even remember Faust
overreaching and ambitious he was
and like your happiness,forever cross.

You might sit and weep
lament and truly grieve
but the one lost won't return
for love spares no one.

Love is an intoxication
surrendering the self and devastation
all powerful are its chasms
bliss and orgasmic spasms.

Like a wave of sweet pain
and emotion's torrential rain
sweep you off your feet
until you accept defeat

Let it come upon me
like all conquering Poseidon's sea
and i will show it a self
who won't fall in love
I will show myself.