Saturday, November 21, 2009


Walk with me on a leaden night
of dewy stars and moonlit delight
move those parched lips
once sealed with a kiss
when roses seemed roses
and the skies were blue
surely then my love seemed true.

Walk with me and hold my hand
your bosom was my holy land
when i lied whilst you smiled
kittens from your closet mewed
while i made frantic love to you.
in your tears i seldom found solace
secretly scorning your virtuous pace.

Walk with me on an unknown path
through life's mists and fogs
remember and forget our past
for our fateless journey couldn't last
i am indebted to the eldoradian moment
when your voice had a mythical formant
life played with us two a joke
swirling of our emotions like yolk.

Walk with me on a day of possibilities
the moments which define our sensibilities
let me finally reach out to you
knowing me,maybe its not true
don't embrace me from within
don't trust my words yet
the creator has lost the divine bet.

Walk with me to an edge of a cliff
smile gaily for together we have
given life's chariot a slip
the gods scream in anguish
and fate slits its wrists
for we were thinkers but were misfits.

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