Friday, December 11, 2009

Things i do

In an alley behind my place
i saw his dark,aloof face.
He walked with a quiet ease
eying things with a mocking ease
He made me feel small
tremble within and shakily fall.

In him i sought a curious joy
For passion ran too deep
and slowly love began to seep
As he walked along the mossy path
grief welled up within my heart.

I wanted him to look up
forget the world and come up
Teach me a lesson or two
about how the cow goes moo.
Be gentle and light
for this is my first night.

But he walked on to the unknown
shattering myths of despair sown
i screamed and grieved
tears of blood as my heart heaved
He did not turn back
for he did not look back.

I lay in a pool of dark blood
cringing to his memory like a slut
then i forced myself to stand
and go to the window
and watch another man.

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