Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Quietly it lives within me
the secret of my child
unborn and residual
growing with each heartbeat
despair and lament
personified in existence

Its birth was fusion of
lost love and tainted blood
fallen men and exalted gods
dark deeds and mystic rites
curses and blessings alike.

Now its kicks my belly
while i scream in agony
of joyful pains lost in
sunshine's dark rain.

Lust in its soul ingrained
the falcon is hunted
and the gods now weep
over the coitus of loss.

As i feel death brewing
inside my womb of despair
i feel a furious blush
creep up my thigh
tingling and twitching
like a virgin's water breaking.

Dare i call it a child
and risk the loss of
hovering spirits divine?
hoping it sacrifices
my soul at the alter of lust.

Birth shall not matter
for it is now fused
within thy veins
longing and eternal pains

We are now one
trapping and deceiving
the world at large
moments strewn in chaos
from Persia to Laos.

Death might be the key
and i will never be free
as long as i breathe
i promise i will be a mystery.

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