Sunday, February 15, 2009


The question of existence is haunting to the human mind.It borders on self reflection and contemplation of the inner soul.They say that the yogis of ancient India could spend hours on the question of self realization.I envy there life and i envy the knowledge they possess.I am no extraordinary human being,i am just an ordinary human being searching for answers that will help me define the purpose of my existence.Inner realization of truth is the ultimate victory of mind over body,of the soul over the self.

To finds one's purpose in life is very important.I dread the moment when death takes me and i would have lived a life without purpose.To live is not merely to breathe,it is to take in every moment of your existence as a blessing,as god's will for you to do something.Each man is different yet absurdly same when it comes to the question of identity.Does the man next to me not feel pain,sorrow,grief,guilt,desire and happiness?What really separates us are the deeds we do in life,the actions we perform and the emotions we betray.

I talk now of redemption,of glory and of my tryst with destiny.It is true that we reap what we sow,we get what we do and what goes around comes around.No one is questioning the existence of karma.But it is equally true that sometimes the hardships in life tend to grow stronger and one finally begins to wonder about the purpose of life.Marx was right when he said that religion was the opium of the masses.I fall,therefore,I pray.The fallen and the weak take solace in religion,in philosophy,when life's struggles become overbearing.The weak wallow in a pool of self pity,cursing their very existence and questioning god about the miseries of their lives.

The great men who lived,the ones we remember and also the ones we don't,are truly god's children.I talk about the great poets who left verses of life behind,of writers who are now immortal because of their words of wisdom,of fallen soldiers who were lions and of countless other men and women who spent their lives trying to leave the world a better place,to leave it better than they had inherited.They were lions in this world of gloom and despair,holding their own in an eclipse of darkness,inherently confident of the glorious future ahead.To remember them would be an insult to their memory,for they were men of action.To truly cherish their memory,it is imperative that we go ahead in life,to rid society of evils and to to truly end what they had begun.
That is my purpose.

*The future is so bright that it is blinding my eyes*

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