Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Don't cry on my shoulder
I will not wipe your tears.
Your tenderness will not melt me
I will not break.

I won't hold your hand and walk with you
I won't cherish any dreams
For me your existence is a void
Yours charms won't work
I see through you.

The rain won't make any difference
nor shall spring.
I know not how to love
an emptiness fills me up.
The planets play havoc.

Don't wait for me
I shall never return
once gone
forever gone

Our worlds are different
I dwell in darkness
you in light.

I am not what i seem
far from truth
I spin a web of deceit all around
Hell is my heaven

Darkness forever envelops me
rendering me impotent
I have no feeling
a dark numbness is upon me

My words are lies
my actions sins
I know i am wrong
but there is no way back.

You believe I'll change
how wrong are you
I am not loyal to my blood
yet you trust.

Leave me alone
for i am a disease
i feed on happiness
grief is my domain.

I see the world
as dark as night
the chaos lies within me
so does the cure.

I am a fallen angel
evil dwells within me
No good can come from me
No happiness ever.

My words are my crime
I talk in puzzles
i am god's mistake
I am the devil's pride.

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