Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bliss A tribute to Donne

The sun rays fall on her naked body
her sweat glistening like pearls.
I crawl up beside her
my lips upon her.

She gives a soft shudder
as i reach for her.
Her lashes are drawn
her gaze coy.

I look in her eyes
and see innocent love.
As we embrace
her fears are gone.

The grass feels soft
nature is with us.
I plant another kiss
upon her lips.

She is now bold
her pace increases.
I am at her mercy
a cold sweat upon me.

She is young and pure
like fallen snow.
Yet she knows the game
a twinkle in those fiery eyes.

Now as dusk settles
and our bones ache.
I stand and take her hand
to walk away from the forbidden land.

God is in her beauty
God in her touch.
I see a passing dove
as a symbol of my true love.


  1. beautiful poem written with deepness n intensity only sme1 who loves deeply n darkly cn write ds but i truly loved ds particular 1 da eroticism has its own beauty n sensitivity even in da wildnesss