Saturday, February 21, 2009


She burns like cinder on a cold night
each day fueled with hate.
Since the day her mother was divided
she is paying the price.

She is on fire
she stands divided.
Some burn her in the name of god
some in the name of land.

Each day brings grief
each moment pain.
Troy burnt in a day
she forever burns.

Her tears are silent
her heroes dead.
People killing
people dying.

She was once beautiful
that was her curse
Her face launched a thousand nations
the war goes on.

She shall rise once more
in all her glory.
Like a phoenix
she shall heal it all.

I will avenge her,
i will bring her back.
She has been a whore too long
but her kingdom awaits her.

With flawless beauty
and a child's innocence
She shall return
and paradise will be regained.

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