Sunday, April 20, 2008

Foreign Policy

The new world order is changing and that too in every sphere of thought.But what is intriguing is the socio-political scenario,the sole factor why I am writing this article.To tell you the truth I am actually addressing the issue quite late.

America is stagnant with its pro radical views,Europe is making progress but that too cautiously,Asia is moving with great speed and Middle east is making commercial friends.Truly the world is changing.In addressing the issue from India's viewpoint I must confess that I may not be accurate in my writings but am surely well versed with our international standing.

India stands at crossroads today,as usual,either we go along with our commercial interests or we seek our political destiny.Either way half the world will stand against us.i think our safest bet would be too align ourselves with China and the Middle east.One grants us economic stability and the other financial.The Middle east needs someone in Asia and we need someone in middle east,best bet being Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabia being a dominant controller will be difficult to win over but is entirely worth the effort.

India has various options in hand now but the question remains what shall it choose and how will it affect us in the long term?I don't give any answers but rather seek them.

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