Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My day is near
my prey close at hand
he is unaware,he is joyous
my blow shall not be swift

I will make him bleed
i will make him scream
he does not know
that his life is now at an end

He won't die in vain
there will be glory in his death
and all my foes shall know
that the dark lord has awakened

All those who had wronged me
all those who had mocked me
fear the hour
for i have vengeance in my blood

I won't show mercy
my hand will be steady
these words are not hollow
my soul is on fire

Prepare yourselves for battle
for the moment has arrived
when you shall fade in dust
your wives shall be widows
your sons orphans

Your impotent god will not save you
your charms shall fail
with Satan on my side

I am coming to draw blood

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