Friday, December 18, 2009

A Blade Of Grass

A blade of grass is the single most intoxicating thing i know of.As i feel it in my hand,it makes me dreadfully sad and happy at the same time.It makes me smile but its a painful,little sardonic smile which is more than any grieving howling i may ever muster.The realization of one's insignificance can be the zenith of cerebral torment.This moment though transcends me to a world where i am invincible but it also becomes the nadir of my life itself.The blade of grass which is ever so gentle and innocent becomes the focal point of all my undivided attention forcing me to painfully realize each breath which i take.The universe is as indifferent to its existence as it is to mine.The blade of grass becomes both my companion and my competitor,both equal in eyes of this universe yet entirely different in each other's perspectives.The blade of grass is undoubtedly in a better state than me because of its Sisyphean indifference,i don't have that privilege.I am Dostoevsky's idiot albeit a corrupted one but that cannot be the basis of my penance.I must understand both the blade of grass and myself to bring forward a basis of understanding which is illuminating and enlightening with the right judgment of rationality.If one were to argue that i am laying much to emphasis on a blade of grass;then let me make it clear that it is something which makes me think,is a sort of a physical manifestation of an epiphany,the object of my desire can be substituted by anything according to personal wishes.I perhaps may not be able to do full justice to the importance to the magnitude of emotion i feel by holding in my hands a fresh,green,vibrant blade of grass.It represents for me the purest link between beast and nature,the colossal beauty of unfathomable nature encompassed in a simple,avoidable,indifferent,majestic,serene,beautiful blade of grass.


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