Monday, June 14, 2010

Est queadam fiere voluptas (There is a certain pleasure in weeping.)

The first thing he noticed about her was her hair.She had her hair cut in layers with razored edges and sported long fringe bangs that she kept partially swept to the side and out of her eyes. She seemed to enjoy the purposefully styled messy look, which accentuated her kohl lit eyes.Her face was impassively beautiful,reminding him of frigid lakes he had seen when he was in St Petersburg,where a thin,almost invisible sheet of icy layer stopped every and any ripple that dared its presence.He was magnetically drawn towards the nape of her neck where a single mole rested languidly,oblivious of the effect that it was causing on a stranger's heart- his heart,a matter of fact.Slowly he averted his gaze,finished his single malt and casually walked over to the bar to order another,forcing himself not to turn back to gaze at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
 This is love,he thought,this is what it feels like.The maddening pace of his heart,bursting with euphoria of life itself,the cold sweat slowly trickling towards the back of his neck and the way his eyes had begun to sparkle.He felt strangely alive and had an inexplicable desire to laugh out aloud.For the first time in life he actually wanted to live with gay abandon and break all rules.Suddenly he understood why people took risks,why boys drove fast cars and girls broke rules,it was the majestic and grand feeling of being reckless-he was recklessly now in love with a woman whose name he did not know yet.

As shadows danced,the evening began to quickly pass.He thought several times of going up to her and talk but he couldn't muster the courage.It was simply impossible for him to go up to her say something and equally difficult to stand there and do nothing.All his entire life he never had any hesitation talking to anyone,he had charmed Councilors,smooth talked his way out of everything and even courted impossible women but today his tongue was dry and his palms sweaty.He was probably nervous for the first time in his life and it actually felt weird.He went over to the bar and ordered another Scotch.As the bartender poured a shot over two hazy cubes, he suddenly stiffened as he saw her standing right next to him.A faint scent of cedar and leather wafted towards him and he instantly recognized it as Anais Anais,a rare delightful fragrance, after all women fragrances were nothing new to him.He slowly turned his head as she walked away,hoping to steal another long amorous glance when he suddenly felt someone tugging at his leg,

"Daddy,mommy is looking everywhere for you",said Nysa tersely,his seven year daughter.

He affectionately picked her up and gave her a loving peck on her forehead.Then he set her down,let her wrap her small tender hand around his finger and lead him back to her mother,back to his wife and back to his loveless marriage of nine long years.He longed to look back and gaze solemnly at the woman with whom he had fallen in love with but he continued walking with a heavy heart under the leaden sky.


  1. Is this going to be your future?

  2. I'll be honest. I feel too lazy to write right now , but it'll be a grave injustice on my part to read this work of yours and walk away without making a single comment. I say so for Adi dear I loved it!!
    First of all I really liked that you chose to write the title in Latin, that's a cool idea I'd say! Did you use Google Translator for that???

    The moment I finished reading I thought, gosh I wish he doesn't stop writing because for some weird reason your piece inspired me!!

    The twist in the end was So bloody unexpected. He's again one of your tragic heroes huh? :P

    You already seem to have come a long way as far as your last piece is concerned. This time you've done a wonderful job at description. Take for instance the way you've described the woman's hair, how she wore kohl on her eyes, the reaction it emitted from this misfortunate fellow ( well he didn't get her, can't even try and his life thanks to his hopeless marriage seems full of gloom )
    Oh and I didn't forget to note the name of the perfume either! ;)

    So Sire, I'm really keen, where did you get your inspiration for this piece. It could be a book or something you've heard or the true albeit somewhat modified story of a friend or someone you know. In any case do let me know. I believe I'd like to talk to you about this one! =)

    Just a little technical tip :-you'll get to hear this from your publishers in future so pay heed to it.
    Umm, after every comma and full stop you're supposed to give a gap.
    Eg - I think you're doing a wonderful job.If you ever stop writing it'd be such a waste of your talent.

    Correction - I think you're doing a wonderful job. If you ever stop writing it'd be such a waste of your talent.
    It's that gap after the full stop that I'm talking about. Same thing applies to comma's too. Do that on your next post or this one and you'd know what I mean! ;)

    His story is all the more sad coz this guy was a casanova or so it seems and look what marriage has done to him. It sobered him down. Made me wonder at what point the transition must have happened in his life. Maybe the change has to do with the fact that he has a daughter now?! Lol, I'm just imagining the possible scenarios.

    Anyways, this piece touches one one some level so keep up the good work buddy! :-)

    Oh and Zoya's comment made me burst into a laughter ...big time!!! What a way to appreciate someone's work huh?? :P
    Psst...psst...don't listen to her...just write what you have to!! LOL.... ;)
    Hopefully she'll have something better or uh maybe goofier to say next time!