Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today i'll make my confessions
And possibly break your heart,
I'll try to be gentle
But it will be a difficult start.
When i said i loved you the most
I perhaps may have lied a bit
My heart never really cared for you
Just an act in another romantic skit.
I have loved someone the most
But i confess its not you,
You lost to her by a whisker
And i swear its literally true.

All your befuddling charms fail
When she purrs with delight.
Divine as the Holiest of Grails,
Her feline form defies laws of flight
Where nonchalance moulds
Subtle brevity in her soul.
Now tell me in all its honesty
Could i ever love you thee
When such feline femininity
Charmed my adolescent glee?
As i bury my face in her soft belly
I begin to feel delightfully woozy
Her soft fur enervates my doubts
And i think i may name her Susie.

You are the finest girl i know
And your hair always smells nice
But my love for her is so great
I care not even if she eats mice.
You broke the world's laws
To hold my hand in dreamy nights
But can you ever like a cat
Land on your four paws?
You may find it strange
That i love a cat more than you
But i can solemnly swear
That this is perfectly true!

1 comment:

  1. hahah wat a poem adi!!
    did u really mean that or u were just being funny????
    i really like this idea of falling in love with a cat , a fraidy cat:)

    U know i remember wen u mentioned that its difficult to pen it down ,so i was too keen to read this poem and i thought it will be again a sad and gloomy one BUT no it was not and i thoroughly enjoyed reading it ,as always just wanted to read more n more.....
    Is there anything else u do with this cat?????lolzz