Monday, November 15, 2010

Chronicle Of A Betrayal Foretold

Every now and then,
Once in a black moon
Comes across a girl
Who makes your heart swoon.
Then you fall in love
And the usual croons
Of love and longing
Of desires and passions
Haunting shades
Murmurs in darkness
Taps on fingers
Gentle, often.
Then she leaves
With silence
Leaving lingering pain
Without remorse
Or even a thought.
She forgets instantly
And moves on
Like a parasite
To feed upon
New Lovers.

1 comment:

  1. Very touching!It is sad that something as beautiful as love can be so cruelly painful at times.And that one human being is capable of causing such pain to another.
    Though I should tell you Adi, that no one forgets instantly.The memory of what we do haunts us forever , we just try to forget it.