Monday, March 7, 2011

Angel And Angel

Don't cry, my daughter, your Daddy's near
By your side, whispering in your ear.
I know you loved your Mama too much,
But now she's gone. our life is such.
She called you pretty and combed your hair
Watched over you and helped you with the stairs.
I want you to know Daddy loved her too,
Sometimes less but sometimes even more than you.
Now your Mama is gone and Daddy is alone
His eyes are red and hollow is his tone.
Your Mama will always watch over us
Tuck us into bed without any fuss.
Now my daughter, don't you cry
I'll make you smile, till eternity I'll try.
My dearest daughter, you should know
You are like her, cheeks as white as snow.
Your Daddy too remembers her all the time
But he must be strong and sing songs that rhyme.
For he has his little angel to take care of now
Whose smile lights up skies and everyone says 'Wow'.
Hush, little one, don't you cry
Daddy is there by your side.......

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