Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Tale Of A Lotus: Four Petals, Four Loves, Four Lives

The praying mantis, insofar known, never prays when awake;
It does, however, prey beautifully when in doubt. Like God in
Little details, forgotten by all of us. I have loved a lotus and I
Regret it not. The lotus, in question, an architectural marvel of intertwining flattering leaves,
Reminds me of you. Nelumbo nucifera, an obsession since botany devouring adolescent days,
Much like hidden erotica, crawls up my leg. The mantis and the lotus, have never been closer,
As they now vie for space in a tortured man's book. The mantis gives up its life mid coitus, the seed reaching
The Intended. The lotus lives on to be celebrated among chants of scantily clothed holy men, paying obeisance
To unconcerned gods. Each petal of my lotus, struts in defiance, refusing to share my love with another. Such
Was not expected from women in my service. Singularity demands to be fed  by passion greater
Than the self. Concubine relationships are encouraged, for Kings demand harems, privileges, and
Lust filled palaces. I am no king, hence I am destined for four loves, the mantis forgives if the lotus
Embraces. The four petals of desire, can together form a half
Desired lotus. Such is my nobility when it comes to you, for
The praying mantis, insofar known, never prays when awake.

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