Friday, January 6, 2012

The Suffering Of The Sea

The night has set upon dawn
And the dawn has lost its very meaning.
Darkness has and will envelop
All the doors that lead to me.
It is here, only within myself,
That I want to confess my love for life.
A life waiting to slip away, in forgotten
Corridors of time.

I was born in a happy house
With happy people around me.
They are still here
But I have started to fade away.

I thank you, my parents, I thank
My friends. I thank the very God
That gave me life, and now
Tired by my shenanigans, conspires
To take it away.

I will miss the walls of my home,
Childhood, my brother the most.
I have lived as long as I could, I have
Lived more than my time.

Bury me in the Sea.

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