Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Acid Pops

You smell of acid found in mangoes
Left too long in a slightly warm basin
Sides which are still streaked with
Blood that slipped prancingly from
Swollen lips that gave in too soon
To my testosterone charred habits.

Your acid is elsewhere too, hidden
Beneath that flowing long skirt you
Fashion only to protect your chastity
Long gone, if I remember correctly
Behind closed doors and closed hearts.

Froth lime and brine, enshrine and rhyme
Sit in a corner and dream about crimes
Spin of atoms, spin of lies
In recesses of our blackened hearts
We see what we are, you and I.

Smell of acid, smell of pain, of half baked
Cakes. Close those legs of yours, close
Them to preserve the smell of rain.

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