Friday, April 25, 2008


Arrogance, Pride and Vanity
The girl has some audacity
What does she know, how is she so sure
Just who is she to judge me?

Arrogance, Pride and Vanity
Roll them up, you'll get Darcy
Where has he lived and what has he seen
To think he can judge my country?

The smile from her eyes is ravaging
Can't find a thought to which she might agree
Rip me to shreds, over jokes she won't get
What a waste god had to make her so pretty

A fish out of water to say the very least
Scared to walk on the street, dirty his feet
Tries to fit in, it's a game that he won't win
He can wear our clothes but lets see him beat the heat

She'll point at you and laugh openly
Can't turn down a dance gratefully
She has her own mind, can be a bit unkind
Just try saying anything about her dear country

Why is he here, always staring at me
Never looking in deep to really see
He has made up his mind, we are poor and behind
And thinks we should behave accordingly

Arrogance, Pride and Vanity
The girl has some audacity
But why to I care, how this matters to bear
This desire to show her the real me

Arrogance, Pride and Vanity
Roll them up, you'll have Darcy
but why do I care, have this mad need to share
the centuries of magic that made me

The above words signify the conflict between Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet,the main protagonists of the acclaimed novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.Lyrical aren't they?The conflict between the two is as ethreal as the one between Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler.The two novels are connected in such a subtle manner that for the casual reader my words may not be more than nonsensical gibberish but I having read both of them about a hundred times or so seem to have discover the underlying connection.
What seems quite interesting is the parallel contrast one can draw between both Elizabeth and Scarlett.Both are charming,witty and most importantly have a mind of their own.Such traits are hardly seen now.The power of these characters are beyond human comprehension not simply because such characters have somewhat ceased to exist but even if they did,they would'nt be able to equal their fictional counterparts.Having said that it is probable that Scarlett and Elizabeth might exist somewhere but the proabablity of actually finding them is too less.
The streak of arrogance is present in all four characters,all are equally accomplished people and this in fact suits them.
A truly accomplished person today would be a union of Rhett Butler and Fitzwilliam Darcy.Believe me people,I am trying.....I am trying.

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