Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dark Musings

The fact of the matter remains that I am confused beyond reason.The void is endless and I am not.It is infinite while I stand as a mere mortal.The pain is too much to bear,the fight endless and I seem to have exhausted my resources.The only thing driving me is the maddening optimism which I am destined to carry,for it is the only place I can dream of shifting my weight to.

I have a sense of profound internal conflict in me.The fight continues,I see no end in sight,The battle is tiring and history never sheds tears upon fallen warriors.I am not a fallen warrior nor intend to be one.The irony of the matter is sometimes course of events take a turn for the worse making you susceptible to the common man's sphere of life.It does bore you for a while to live life like a commoner but that too has its own uses(to be discussed later).I have often questioned myself on the kind of life I lead and the kind of values I believe in,there seems to be a major contradiction yet i am not surprised for I am always at the crossroads with myself;To be or not to be,eh.Yet I am not one of those whom you would associate with the term faint hearted.I endeavor constantly to set new goals for myself and fail without any shame.You would tend to call me a shameless jackass but that would'nt change my outlook towards life.I am what I am.

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