Friday, April 11, 2008

Internal conflict

Cursin screaming I wake up.
The demon bleeding my soul to come out.
It won't stop.
It won't fall and I will be annihilated.
Should I stop this struggle?
Will the void ever fill?
Stumbling on unknown paths,I question the divine master.
Time is less for he lurks inside me.
Will I fail or will he win?
Thorns manifest my plant for the bud is dead.

Now the time is right for drawing out my sword.
His blood will be my penance,

The battle has been won
He stands victorious
I lay slain
His eyes pity me
His gaze is cold,
He beckons me to life,his reward is my soul

I give in,
Now we are together
infused like scales on a snake
The venom has spread to my veins
Day is over
The sun has been banished
The night shall rule

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