Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Powering the Underpowered

I look at my country and feel a profound sense of loss and elation,difficult to imagine but surprisingly easy to write.People say that the country is going to the dogs,I say it is being ruled by them in sheepskin.There are statistics to show that the country is rising,pshaw.There is no governance of any sort to facilitate growth on equal levels.The middle class income groups have risen and the upper middle class is thriving as usual but question will always come back to the lower segment of the society,the ones who losing the most yet gaining the least.They seem to be losing on all aspects namely:-

1) Loss of jobs due to rampant industrialisation on almost all fronts.
2) Automatic new age industries cutting down jobs on lower end.
3) Increasing prices.
4) Language being an important tool for any job.

The issue at hand is not whether India is rising but is it rising equally on all fronts?To ignore this problem would result in catastrophic end in terms of socioeconomics and humanitarian aspects.To give away all benefits of arising economy we must learn to prepare a database of equality and understanding.

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