Friday, June 20, 2008

The Woes of Pakistan- Part 1

To me Pakistan is a lonesome,rebellious child on the sorry map of Asia.Constantly bickering with India,turning to the US for every small whim and fancy and trying to subdue its half mongreal subjects.Truly a country bessotted with in-house politics and international conspiracies.But one can't totally blame Pakistan for this sad affair.Its long standing position in Asia as an intermediator of organised terrorism and a safe haven of terrorists has further aggrevated its problems.The actual problem lies in its civil administrative and foreign policies.The whole Bhutto-Zia -Sharrif-Musharaff-Bhutto fiasco has further broken Pakistan's administrativate chain.Even Musharaff now with his ties with the US can't heal the cracked mirror of multiple failings.

What has saddened me most is the unfortunate assasination of Pakistan's most charismatic leaders- Benzair Bhutto.Rightfully called the Shehzadi,she had single handedly changed Pakistan's orthodox thinking into the new age modern ideaology that the country needed to make its position on the map.But she is now no more and Pakistan has once again in turmoil.For me nothing could be worse be that.Crying over her death won't make any change in Pakistan's ideology.Spiralling out of control defence expenditures and the heightened political instability.Its constant fear of Indian policies has caused it to become paranoid beyond the usual scale of international knick-knack.The recent crossfire from Pakistan is truly saddening and is concrete proof of its loose control over the infamous ISI.What is truly surprising is that Pakistan's domestic political woes are now rivalling its international problems.Uncle Sam is bending over quite a few times but the moment its back would begin to ache............rough times ahead,surely.

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