Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dots On A Lover

All i want to do
Is count the moles on your body,
The ones you hide and
The ones you show.
Trace them all with my finger,
A path of my love.

I want you as my lover
As a slave to my desires,
As I am to yours.
I want you with violence,
My nails deep in you.
The drop of your blood
Licked by my finger.

I want to hear the scream
Of your aching limbs,
Tired from the night gone by.
I want to find your tongue,
With mine.
And I want to do things
That I've only read in books.

I want to explore every
Nook and corner,
Of your body as
I want you to explore mine.
I want you as you want me.
No less but perhaps more.
For all I want is to count those moles on your body....

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