Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sea Of Love

When you leave me, I'll join the sea.
Not as a martyr of your affections
But a tribute to your memory.
A grain of salt in the already salty sea,
The taste of which lingered in your kiss,
And now lingers in mine.
I want the sea to envelop me forever,
Remind me of your love.
In the weightlessness of my senses,
To float and sink by steps
My lips entangled in your hair
Your hand on my heart and
Whispering,"Deeper and deeper"
Till neither your flesh remains
Nor mine. A silent prayer
will always be heard in the ruins
Of our sea.
The Sea of love and longing,
A certainty of your belonging,
Till words finally fall
And all that remains are
My lips entangled in your hair.

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