Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Expectations

It is in moments of rare realizations,
Floating sensations of a half awaken dream,
That our torrid love affair takes semblance of form
Evading and teasing reality with its dark lashes,
And making me fall in love with you yet again.
These hallucinations come and go,
Where we sit by sunset filled barns,
Reading poetry and making love
With as natural an ease as nature herself.
It is in this state of cosmic indifference
That all that is beautiful blossoms within me,
And you and I become hopelessly entangled.
But we must tread softly upon such fragile paths,
Learning and exploring the gentle brooks of desire,
So you and I are together for ever.


  1. very well-written. Although, why title it 'Great Expectations'? It could've been something softer, it is such a poignant poem.

  2. Read it for the fifth time and yet it didn't fail to make me smile. :)One of your most heartfelt poems .For a change it ends on a positive note , I like the aberration ;P and perhaps that is the 'Great expectation'.